Thursday, July 7

of such and such

its my first post so i have decided to write a story!

such and such was a frog that lived in a hurricane. it found its playmates in little dormice that danced whenever the winds hit it high. five days and eight nights it spent with a red rose in its mouth waiting for a tango partner, only to receive an x-cheese pizza flopped on her head.

ok, i dont think i can write nice stories. cant find genders, names, plots or a clear narrative pattern.

ok, i shall try again....

wildflowers grow on her
as she swirls her skirt less than she thinks
she's walking behind her and she knows he's looking
its the wind and the bellows
fingers and toes a-tingling
and she's doing the perfect pirouettes
on a black sheet of paper scratching lines onto her letter but he isn't looking
one swirl of the pink skirt and the sky looks down threatening to bloom daisies in her hair what with all that moisture
she counts on her fingertips and then the leaves in her hair
seven she says should be the right number
its lucky for me she says
he will look at me when i ...

i suppose i should go back to such and such....