Saturday, October 18

"I Was Michael Foucault's Love Slave"

"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by theory,
well-fed complacent leather-coated, dragging themselves through the
Caucasian campuses at dawn looking for an angry signifier."


Sunday, October 5

short term goals - long term goals

So now I am only entertaining 1 week goals. Write the shortest answers to all the questions, revise, destress, detox, yoga, wake up on time, sleep early, drink lots of tea. But I keep imagining myself in a bikini somehow.
So my next goal is to wear a Bikini next year in Goa. So if nothing else happens to my life and I have to get back to the start again. I'll celebrate by wearing a bikini.

Step one. Get a bikini. A certain someone decided to get me an orange yellow (the macintosh glare type)string bikini. The person who designed that wasn't exactly a suspension bridge engineer and my body needs to prop itself up and shed some dead weight.

I did wear a bikini top the last time (i dunno what happened to all the pictures)but this time I want to kayak in a bikini.

Step 2 - how to not look obnoxious in bikini
They say A bold print string top will help draw the eye to your top half. SURE.
And there are these complicated bikini workouts that if I could do, I wouldnt need the workouts.
I guess I'll not eat any sugar and exercise everdy. Besides living in Kaivalyadham for a month.

If none of that works I'll have to do the flowerchild look to be absolved of the rest of the bikini sins.
Pigtails, flowerclips, stripe socks and a smile. So I'm just a girl having fun on the beach.

Dont get me wrong. It's not sour grapes that i want to look hot and cant. I dont want to look sexy. I just want to NOT look like anything. I just want to look normal so noone looks at me and I can sit on the beach in the rains and not worry.

I like...

Friday, October 3

I want to 1.

i want to collate narratives from around the world. Learn how people naturally tell stories if that is possible, (i.e. to naturally tell stories). I will have to study cognition then i guess. Cognitive Psych and Narratives. Maybe some anthropology.
I'm in love with Russian (Belarussian etc) emotives in their folk narratives and I just love the japanese Noh premises. I think I can study this for the rest of my life.