Wednesday, November 29

Damn! i forgot to write about Anthony Kaun Hai

Damn! i forgot to write about Anthony Kaun Hai

the camera!
the characterisation!
the Plot!! o my sweet clementine! i want to marry a witch!

Saturday, November 25

many things ---

1. i have a new job. rather, i have a job now. people!!

2. i am so FUKCIN annoyed with self. i dint get back to the guy who sold me my digi all these days. it wasnt some kachra stuck somewhere on lens but it was the ccd. he says warranty to gaya. you mustve done something. one more reason to give up photography.

3. then, i took my film camera back to where i bought it from, they say they cant fix it. anymore. so i cant even use my film cam anymore then.more reason to give up photography.

4. client is moron. wants pedestrian copy that'll kill his 5 years of brilliant branding. also he calls and says just before the ad has to go to print, heyy! send me the 3rd image with the 2nd text. i wantto put the guy first. wha!! hello.we dont randomly put images and text together! but of course, we send it. neice is getting married in feb and i so want to go so badly but maybe i wont get leave. besides i just went and came back thrice this year already.

6. can i ban some ip address from reading my blog?

7. has been removed by blogowner

8. do you know i wanted to be a computer programmer? but, ASCII to ASCII, DOS to DOS

9. i still think i'd have made a wonderful architect.

10. i dont think i can deal with death and dying. not anyone else's, not my own.

11. i want to write about loving.but i dont understand relationships. the more i get older, the less i understand.

12. i think this blog is getting more and more pedantic.

Wednesday, November 15

its usually either me and dik // me and sup // sup and rid // sup rid and me.
but saturday night we got together all four of us after a long time.

(this below was the photosession after we woke up.)

anyway, they all took my case and dint give me dessert. riddhi and i were both pretty scared in dik's room in the night and sup did all she can to keep us scared.

about the pictures below-

the 3 strappychappal pics are (cherry color mine is) (regular strap is sup) (denim is ridd) in the middle of the night in thana on the road under a streetlamp or some such post a sudden decision dinner plan due to plan movements and as taught to me by supriya, no boni you dont have to always cancel a plan you can always move it! so now i am learning one more thing.

the last pictures have dik's feet and my hand in special appearance. and rid's foot in guest appearance.
(now that doesnt load sory)

i am writing this in a separate post cause of template trouble.

my nosering you cant see waaaah!

photos from saturday

Monday, November 13

i am groggy and grumpy and i don't want to talk to anybody


Sunday, November 5

right behind you a.k.a. i'll follow you into the dark a.k.a. i'd rather watch someone fuck a pig

Today I drank lots of coffee. I remembered the time I’d drink lots of really strong coffee.
I love radio I love the excitement of a song that plays and goes by and I don’t have any way of getting to it ever again….
I’m listening to someone that sounds as sincere and sombre as rufus wainwright in the coffeehouse station. A band called deathcab for cutie. I’ll follow you into the dark.

Meanwhile,Yahoo's radiostation for gay people - “Gay Club Mix” plays 'gay' music eg. Justin Timberlake’s “sexy back”.

I'm bringing sexy back

Them other boys don't know how to act
think your special
whats behind your back
So turn around
and ill pick up the slack.

Why does gay media(?) have to be so overly horny? I saw this film that was reviewed as being “hauntingly beautiful”, marvelously promoted by the british council. highly depressing. It’s also depressing how they screen these films in colleges and “liberated” teachers like N@ndini
Sardesai tell us to confront our discomfort to accept marginal existence. I remember she showed us BomGay as being this true document of gay life. It had some guy that went to pee in some subway and got assauled by another gay man/had to suck is thing on blackmail or some such thing. Rahul Bose fantacises 2 fried eggs on someone.
I’d rather watch someone fuck a pig.
This film "Yours Emotionally" had visual metaphors(?)/suggestions such as close up of hosepipe with frothy water shooting off, hanging lightbulb in frame, cannon. Had innuendos with what the film began – sms “wher are u// right Behind you” etcetera.
Had storyline à la pornographie and they promote it saying it has the richness of an early merchant ivory film. Eventually the older couple gets married and theyre damn happy cause now they can be be monogamous. Huh?
What I take back from Yours Emotionally(?) (I dint see ANY emotion in that film except for possessiveness and jealousy. Unless horny-ness is emotion. )
-is that gay men are oversexed unnatural creatures that want to fuck any ( * ) in sight. (yikes! pun un-intended). I’d be suicidal if I were a gay man.

so little sexuality and so much fuckin sex.

" Yours Emotionally feels like a beautiful fever dream inspired by both avant-garde gay cinema and the tropes of Bollywood." avant garde, yes piss-color sea.

Saturday, November 4

what i did in kolkata

watched eid ka chaand over the

dvitiya hooghli setu

pierced my nose for the third time and kept it though the bitch in the parlous said, hey! don't you think that looks odd and unfashionable

discovered a new + improved first cousin

drying sari at dakshineshwar

watched kids play kali shiv at dakshineshwar kali bari. Shiv says, get away you! or i'll throw this flower at you

i love the color pallette of the city

coming back train i awake lookin up ....

 i cant get enough of sky

sue me

Friday, November 3


what to write?